The Wielder: Betrayal

The Wielder & More

The Wielder was originally envisioned as a six book series. Now, well into the third installment (Death Curse) it's looking like it may end up being a seven-part series.

Hey, at least seven is a lucky number.

The best place to stay updated on the series' progress, pose questions, and maybe even interact with the characters a little -for now - is on Facebook. Follow this link to The Wielders Place.  Give it a "like" and say hello. No telling who may say hello back.

There's also a blog of sorts on goodreads - nothing regular, either in content or timeliness.


About the Writer

David Gosnell is the writer of the series. He's still aspiring to the title "author" as all this is basically a hobby at the moment. David pays the bills working as an insurance adjuster. As a result of this vocational choice, he experiences lots of travel and lots of hotel rooms. 

And lots of opportunities to get in trouble.

Spinning a tale is his way avoiding those troubles and to stop from going silently mad too.

When he's not working, you can find him on a tennis court, or in any of several MMORPG virtual worlds attempting to slay dragons, fill his pockets with coin, learn tradeskills and make friends.