Well, there’s a prologue to the first book

Uncategorized / Friday, February 16th, 2018

I’ve been telling you I’ve been working on the re-release the series starting with the first … Betrayal. We are getting there. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the text from the editor was mostly flawed due to numerous uses of “find/replace” and other issues that presented themselves. I feel the text was worse for the edit than prior.

Still, I still got some great input to improve it. and am addressing issues with dialogue and action attributes which abound in the text. That input is leading to the story being basically re-addressed in entirety.

That said, the story doesn’t change. Just the telling.

The prologue to the story, which is new, I’m making available to y’all. You can find it here at:


I hope you enjoy. It gives you a little insight in Arthur – presummonling. It also gives you a taste of Dorothy.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment.  Love to hear from you.

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