Well time is funny, right?

Uncategorized / Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Just got the revisions back from the first in the series.  I had sent it off to another editor to catch any grammar-isms that might be off.  Well, holy crap!  There were a crap-ton (to use an Arthurism).   I’m dealing with those and also looking back on my writing style and what should be addressed.  Damnation.  Just damnation.

It is  a great story.  But told (or written) crappy and I’m working on that.

So here I am, going through my editor’s revisions and also re-writing stuff of my own observations.  Goodness.  You can’t know how it feels to need to address so much.  Dang it.

Just dang it.  We’ll work the thing. I hate that I have a cover I’m not ready to use.

But getting there.

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